November 20, 2006

Internet Explorer 7’s Kiosk Mode

Now that we have IE 7.0, one of the first questions is does it still support kiosk mode. The answer is yes. Still, the kiosk mode doesn't buy you much as that is probably 5% of the solution. The solution is most definitely more along the lines of and for a wrapper. Still, the perennial Kiosk Mode cannot be ignored.

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At work, we frequently get the request from clients to keep internet machines locked onto their website. There are a number of different pieces of software that can do this - and we do use them. Sometimes though, we just need a quick and dirty way to do this. I have discovered a way to do just that! Read on . . .

IE7 does have a “Kiosk Mode” which launches the browser with no tool bars, no address bar, nothing! just the browsing window. Click here for a Firefox How-to.
Method One

You can launch IE7 into Kiosk mode by adding a switch to a command line command!

1. Click Windows Key+R
2. Type: iexplore -k
3. Click OK
To exit, simply hit Alt+F4!

The problem with this method is that people can figure out that hitting Alt+F4 will close the window, and then they double-click IE from the desktop. We can’t simply removed the IE icon because a blank desktop with no way to get back online is unacceptable! We need their website/webapp running! Here’s a way around this issue:
Method Two

We can create a shortcut to IE and pass the “ -k” switch directly!

1. Create a shortcut to IE7 on the desktop and remove the direct link:
Notice the shortcut arrow in the corner

2. Right-click and select “Properties“

3. In the “Target” field, add the “ -k” operator the the command - remember to add a space before the dash:
IE7 Properties
4. Hit OK!
5. Don’t forget to remove all shortcuts to IE in the Start menu and the Quick Launch bar!

Known Issues:

1. Now, users can still open My Computer/My Documents and use the address bar there. As I mentioned, there are many different apps that can really lock the machines down, we use Fortres at work.
2. Users can open a new window, using Ctrl+N. This opens a standard IE window, tool bars and all.
3. You need to adjust the popup setting in IE to “Always open popups in a new tab”.

Unfortunitly this is the best, free method as of this writing -at least until someone creates an addon for IE.

Posted by staff at November 20, 2006 03:17 PM