November 26, 2006

Self-Service Kiosk Reviews -- Video Express Kiosk at Cub Foods

Writeup on the rental, and maybe more importantly, the return process of a DVD Video Rental kiosk used by Hollywood in Cub Food Stores. Waiting in line to rent, or to return, illustrates positives and negatives of the experience.

afterglide: Indecision in a box

Sunday, November 26, 2006
Indecision in a box

Last night I decided to try the Hollywood Video Express kiosk at Cub Foods in Eagan. These are video rental vending machines that take a credit card as payment. You can rent a DVD for a dollar a day, including new releases. This is a great bargain over renting a new release at Blockbuster, but not so great if you're bad about returning the movies in a timely manner. I don't know what Blockbuster or similar competitors are charging for new releases and late fees, but forget about returning the movies to the kiosk for a week, and you've racked up $7 or $8 per DVD.

Theoretically this is pretty convenient, but how many times have you been with your friends or significant other at Blockbuster debating at length over what movie you want to see? She wants to see Mona Lisa Smile for the third time, and you want to see Naked Cheerleader Rubdown III: The Nippening. You argue over the merits and shortcomings of a couple of dozen movies as the more decisive patrons pass you by to make their selections. Now put that extended series of arguments in front of a single rental kiosk in a 24 hour supermarket with a line of several people behind you. You know exactly what you want to rent, but you are one of the unfortunate souls behind the gum-smacking high school dropout and one of her baby daddies as they bicker incessantly.

I will be returning my DVD's this afternoon, but I've seen the process, and unfortunately you're stuck in line for the return, as you have to interact with the screen. No slot to shove the discs into like at Blockbuster or other brick and mortar rental stores. I'm sure with my luck, I yet again will be stuck behind the 300 lb toothless trailer matron in overloaded sweat pants with a baby hanging off each massive, sagging, spider-veined tit.

But for overall value, I still give the kiosk a thumbs up. I rented two new releases, Nacho Libre and X-Men: The Last Stand for $2 plus tax. X-Men I'm glad I didn't pay $8 for in the theater. I'm also watching Nacho Libre as I write this and so far my thoughts are similar. Worth seeing, but not worth paying much for. Pending verdict for both: meh.

Posted by staff at November 26, 2006 07:39 PM