January 13, 2007

Next version of 7402 terminal to be released

Sounds like NCR will be showing next version of 740x at NRF coming up. This unit which came out of the RealPOS division will no doubt compete with the anyplace terminal from IBM (born out of SurePOS). The more common thread could be considered "POS" but that's just our view...

We still don't understand the reluctance or reasoning of either of those companies or media reporting on them to call these terminals what they really are (and that is panel-pc's used in POS). They get adapted like any other panel pc sometimes into kiosk enclosures but you might as well call the Elotouch 1529 a kiosk while you are at it (or any of the other 15 panel pc's available and currently used...).

The 740x as a terminal only is not much bigger than the Anyplace as it is in lateest incarnation (7402). The difference is cost and features. No doubt the biggest difference this time will be price. You can see the Anyplace for $3120 (15" with 256M. no OS) out on shop4thai. Figure discounts/etc and it's pretty clear. Oh, and it's categorized under POS...

A basic celeron or mobile Pentium with just a few options and running something WePOS is much cheaper than a more fully featured unit. The drawbacks and benefits of panel-pc computer terminals like the Easypoint/Anyplace/EloTouch/whomever are another discussion.

Very inexpensive thin-clients with pure flash and running embedded with fanless low-power cpu's are getting better and better everyday. The almost legacy panel-pc with XP Pro and a hard drive is becoming more primitive.

Interactive Kiosk News: NCR to introduce competitor to IBM's Anyplace Kiosk

By Bill Gerba

While I can't find any news or information on NCR's website, SelfService.org has a short blurb suggesting that NCR is about to refresh their EasyPoint kiosk line with something that could be a better competitor to IBM's Anyplace Kiosk. Dubbed the EasyPoint Advantage, the unit has "a depth of less than three inches and a weight of 11 pounds," which would make it at least roughly the size of an Anyplace. Hopefully, it will also copy some of the Anyplace's hardware innovations, including a self-contained IR touchscreen, touch-based BIOS controls and integrated presence sensor.

While the Anyplace is a great unit, there certainly have been times when we've encountered customers (certain retailers in particular) who prefer not to use IBM hardware, usually because they're using POS systems supplied by other companies, like NCR. If/when the EasyPoint Advantage becomes available, it could prove to be a great alternative.

Apparently NCR will be formally introducing the Advantage at the National Retail Federation's 96th Annual Convention and Expo, Jan. 14-17, in New York (booth # 1637)

Posted by staff at January 13, 2007 09:36 AM