March 08, 2007

KIOSKS Research -- Distance Education Kiosks

Research reports from The University of Texas at Austin and its Center for Black Business History publish reports on the need/viability of kiosks and Distance Education Enrollment.

CBBH Research Projects

REPORTS’ OVERVIEW: “Kiosk Technology and Distance Education Enrollment"

REPORT PART 1: "The Distance On-Line Industry: Competitors For Kiosks and Traveler Enrollment Booths"

REPORT PART 2: "If You Build It They Will Come: Kiosks and Traveler Booths for Distance Education Online Enrollment at Airports, Train Stations, and Retail Venues"

REPORT PART 3: "Advantages to Locating Distance Education On-Line Enrollment Kiosks and Traveler Booths at Baltimore-Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport"

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