March 11, 2007

KIOSKS - NCR launches new website

It's been 3 years but NCR launched a new website last week. It has a new Self-Service Kiosks section in its Self-Service segment. The newest member is the new Easy Point Advantage which is a 15" panel-pc that can be mounted any number of ways. Solutions featured include the hotel check-in, QSR ordering, medical check-in and Bill Payment Express.

NCR - Transforming Transactions into Relationships

The new EasyPoint Advantage panel-pc appears to be a lower priced unit that is designed to compete better with the Anyplace from IBM. For now it is 15" with 17" to follow in the future.

The other units seem to share a common enclosure which is your plain square unit with room for devices.

We're a little surprised that the Payment unit is still offering Windows 2000 and that it doesn't address VISA PED and uses the strapped-on Verifone.

All in all though it appears NCR is developing more focus across its POS and Retail Check-Out solutions while also expanding it Teradata-related solutions.
It has definitely raised the visibility of their self-service solutions.

Interesting article on the side is the Forbes interview of Mark Hurd, former CEO and now in charge of HP that covers quite a bit of NCR along with HP.

NCR has always been a bit of three-headed monster (Retail, Financial, Data) and it has stayed focused on that though the Financial side seems to no longer be the dominant thread like it has been historically.

Posted by staff at March 11, 2007 02:56 PM