April 23, 2007

KIOSKS Case Study -- Registered Traveler kiosk software

Daon, a global provider of identity assurance software, is playing a critical role in Verified Identity Pass, Inc.'s Clear® Registered Traveler program by supplying the central biometric identity management platform that allows Verified to easily incorporate new biometric devices, such as the kiosks developed by L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc.

The Clear® program allows frequent fliers who are pre-approved to be positively identified at the airport through biometric technology. These passengers go through expedited security screening at specially designated lanes in participating airports. Registered travelers pay a small fee, provide background information and are issued a biometric identification card.

According to Clear founder and CEO Steven Brill, "Daon's technology has performed excellently, providing flexibility and security to the program. Clear is based on providing the highest quality to the traveler and airport. This focus on quality is what drove us to make a long-term commitment to Daon."

In June 2005, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority awarded a contract to Verified Identity Pass, Inc. and Lockheed Martin to design and manage a pilot Registered Traveler program. Dubbed Clear by Steven Brill, founder of Verified Identity Pass, the program began lane operations at Orlando International Airport on July 19, 2005. Daon provides the biometric management system - which is the heart of the central processing system at the Lockheed secure data facility located in Orlando. With over 40,000 members today, Clear operates lanes at five US airports with several others expected to launch this year.

"We have worked as a partner to Verified Identity Pass and their Clear® Registered Traveler program since the beginning," commented Tom Grissen, CEO of Daon. "We are excited about recent expansions of the program and see incredible revenue potential for Daon and its partners. With the growing security concerns at airports, the registered traveler program offers a sensible way to ease congestion at security checkpoints and allow the TSA screeners to focus on the real threat, while providing a valuable benefit and added convenience to the program participants."

About Clear® Registered Traveler

Verified Identity Pass's Clear Registered Traveler is the only registered traveler program operating at U.S. airports. Clear has been operational since July 19, 2005, at Orlando International Airport and has over 40,000 members. Earlier this year, Clear launched lanes at JFK's British Airways Terminal 7 and San Jose, Indianapolis and Cincinnati International Airports. Next month, Clear will begin operating programs at JFK's Terminal 1 and 4 and Newark's Terminal B. In addition, Clear has been selected by Albany International Airport and Little Rock National Airport for programs at those airports, and the company also has an agreement with Toronto Pearson International Airport to operate a Canadian program, working with Canadian authorities. Clear's verification kiosk with shoe scanning technology, co-developed with Verified Identity Pass's partner GE, will allow members, in most instances, to keep their shoes on as they pass through the Clear lanes at the security checkpoint. For more information: www.flyclear.com.

About Daon

Daon is a leading provider of identity assurance software products focused on meeting the needs of governments and commercial organizations worldwide. Daon supports customers and system integrators in building enterprise solutions requiring the highest level of security, performance, scalability, reliability and privacy. The DaonApplicationSuite provides a powerful tool for faster development of scalable, robust and secure identity registration and vetting solutions. Daon's multi-modal authentication infrastructure, DaonEngine, integrates seamlessly with IT platforms and applications and manages the identity life-cycle of small and large populations. Daon's offices are located in Washington DC, Canberra, London and Dublin. For further information please visit www.daon.com.


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