May 16, 2007

Software Resources - Kiosk Mode and Pocket PC

Resource for developing Pocket PC applications in kiosk mode. Features full WIndows Mobile support and supports Terminal Services Client.

Spb Kiosk - Development - Spb Software House

One very common application for Pocket PCs is their use as a specialized device where access to many functions is restricted or disabled and only a few applications can be used — this is called kiosk mode. Several vertical market applications require kiosk mode. For example, a kiosk mode can disable all games and other entertainment programs on the Pocket PC.

Spb Kiosk Explorer uses Pocket Internet Explorer to run in kiosk mode. Spb Kiosk Terminal is the Terminal Service Client running in kiosk mode. Spb Kiosk Engine allows you to run your custom application(s) in kiosk mode. In this mode, the target application(s) are the only ones that can be used on a specific Pocket PC device.

Posted by staff at May 16, 2007 10:59 AM