May 16, 2007

KIOSKS Case Study -- Amtrak Ticketing Kiosks

After 10 years of successful ticketing, Amtrak embarked on its second generation of self-service ticketing. Amtrak's new line of ticketing kiosks, designed by KIOSK Information Systems, includes a security camera, barcode and credit-card readers, dual printers, encrypted PIN pad, and updates to meet the needs of visually impaired users.

Amtrak raises bar, makes ticketing kiosks ADA compliant | KioskMarketplace

Amtrak opted to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines — a move above and beyond what is required in the industry. The new kiosk line incorporates Braille and specially adapted headsets.

Click here to read an overview about this new kiosk line. To download the full case study, visit KIOSK Information Systems' Web site.

Posted by staff at May 16, 2007 02:58 PM