July 11, 2007

Movies on Game Consoles

Not sure if the demographics make sense but Microsoft struck a deal for customers with Xbox360 to be able to download/rent movies from Disney (includes Miramax/etc).

Associated Press
July 11, 2007 9:36 a.m.

Microsoft Corp. said it struck a deal to make 35 Walt Disney Co. movies, such as the animated hit "Aladdin" and the action title "Armageddon," available for download on its online videogame service.

The high-definition movies will be available to U.S. subscribers of Microsoft's Xbox Live, said Peter Moore, a corporate vice president in Microsoft's entertainment and devices division, which is responsible for the Xbox business.

The agreement with Disney-ABC Domestic Television will also allow Xbox 360 owners to rent films on demand as they become available from Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Miramax Films and Hollywood Pictures.

Xbox Live already offers movies and television shows from more than two dozen other content providers, the company said. The service has more than seven million members, a figure that will hit 10 million by June, Mr. Moore said a news conference.

He used the event on the eve of the E3 Media & Business Summit to tout the system's lineup of holiday games. One title called "Scene it?" is a movie-trivia board game that Microsoft will sell with four simplified, large-buttoned wireless controllers.

Moore mentioned other games, including the anticipated sci-fi shooter "Halo 3" from Bungie Studios, "Mass Effect" from BioWare Corp. and "Grand Theft Auto IV" from Rockstar Games.

To go along with the Sept. 25 launch of Halo 3, Microsoft will sell a Halo-themed version of its Xbox 360 console.

Last week, Microsoft extended the warranty for Xbox 360 consoles that stop working because of a vague condition the company calls "general hardware failure." The company said it expected to spend more than $1 billion to repair broken machines.

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