July 31, 2007

KIOSK Online Quote, Pricing and Ordering

Here's a new twist on self-service ordering -- now you can get a quote, price and purchase a self-service kiosk online. The people at KIOSK have been doing it now for the last few months and just now have formally announced it.

A surprising angle to us is that POS people or companies with terminal-pc solutions that are truly cookie-cutter devices do not offer those units for open purchase. They still have the "call us for pricing" disclaimer. It's not like they are going to give you a different color Anyplace or Advantage panel-pc or different processor/etc

Louisville, CO – July 26, 2007

Self-Service Kiosk Quotes introduced by KIOSK Information Systems

In an industry dominated by self-service fanatics, it makes perfect sense that customers would use and appreciate the ability to help themselves to a kiosk quote. As an added service to its customers, KIOSK Information System recently went live with the industry’s first On-line Quote Generator.

Since the deployment in April 2007, thousands of customers have entered their unique configuration inquiries with instant 24/7 response. While never intended to replace the expertise and personal touch offered by KIOSK’s Sales Team, it does provide an efficient self-serve tool for:

§ Budgetary Pricing
§ Configuration Analysis
§ Service, Software, and Option Analysis
§ Automated cataloging and on-line ordering for existing customers
§ On-line equipment and spares purchases (credit card)

With over $30M in quote inquiries since April, the response has been exceptional. According to Tom Weaver, KIOSK’s VP of Sales and Marketing, “The intent is to provide another level of customer service and simplified shopping. Customers can experiment with multiple configurations and receive instant and accurate financial feedback as they process choices.”

The quote generator is intended for deployments between one and ten kiosks, with larger volume quotes coming from KIOSK’s direct Sales Force. As always, personal expert guidance is only a phone call away – 800-509-5471. Click link below for a “test drive.”


About KIOSK Information Systems:

KIOSK is the world leader in design, manufacturing, service and support of indoor and outdoor kiosks, public Internet stations and other electronic self-service informational terminals. KIOSK is the OEM manufacturer of self-service terminals for Dell, USPS, Sony Photo, CitiBank, US Transportation Security Administration, and many others. www.kiosk.com.

Posted by staff at July 31, 2007 01:32 PM