November 06, 2007

KIOSK announces Bundled Services for Wireless Broadband with Sprint

KIOSK Information Systems announces bundled wireless broadband services in conjunction with Sprint and Teranova. More and more customers are looking to use wireless broadband data networks and are finding that it is not as simple as connecting the wireless usb or pc-card.

Kiosk Information Systems Announces Bundled Services for Wireless Kiosk Deployments

Kiosk Information Systems Announces Bundled Services for Wireless Kiosk Deployments

LOUISVILLE, Colo., Nov. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Together with TeraNova Consulting Group and leading Nationwide CDMA Wireless Providers, Kiosk Information Systems (KIOSK) is providing a much simplified, bundled approach to wireless kiosk deployments. KIOSK is partnering with TeraNova, Kiosk Connectivity Specialists, to manage the full lifecycle requirements including testing, staging, and full on-going support and management of the wireless solution.

Mobile Deployment support services via the KIOSK / TeraNova relationship include:

-- Site Survey for Connectivity
-- Network & equipment sourcing, activations management and J.I.T. fulfillment
-- Router configuration (3G, 4G)
-- Mobile broadband card activation & provisioning
-- Carrier contract and order management
-- Managed installation
-- 24 X 7 X 365 Help Desk support
-- Break / Fix Maintenance
-- Reporting and training

"By partnering with TeraNova, a best-in-class hardware and communications expert for the self service sector, KIOSK enables their clients to offload 100% of the communications logistics and back-end support requirements. Removing the barriers of in-building network deployment provides significant competitive advantage in overall cost and speed to market," said Tom Weaver, VP of Sales and Marketing for KIOSK.

The fundamental benefit of deploying kiosks with integrated wireless capability is position flexibility. Kiosk placement is an essential element in customer adoption and solution ROI, but ideal pilot positioning can be somewhat elusive. Without the commitment and expense of hard-wiring equipment, clients can experiment to find the ideal "sweet spots" that provide maximum traffic and return.

Weaver added, "With wireless functionality becoming a common requirement in the communications roadmap of KIOSK's client base, we wanted to be proactive in bundling all the necessary services to significantly simplify the process. Ease of integration for our customers has always been a cornerstone of KIOSK's solution design philosophy, and is exemplified well in this wireless product / service bundle."

Natasha Royer Coons, Managing Director of TeraNova notes "kiosk clients are able to return to focusing on their core business when the complexities of telecommunications design, deployment, and management are outsourced to industry experts. By leveraging this turn-key solution approach with KIOSK and TeraNova, customers can efficiently bridge both wireless and wireline environments and rest assured that consistent uptime and connection reliability are solidly in place."

About Kiosk Information Systems:

KIOSK is a world leader in design, manufacturing, service and support of standard and custom self-service terminals. KIOSK is the OEM manufacturer of self-service terminals for WalMart, USPS, Sony Photo, CitiBank, US Transportation Security Administration, and many other Fortune 500 clients. KIOSK solutions can be found in virtually every self-service vertical market, and are among the most recognized deployments in the world.

About TeraNova Consulting Group, Inc.:

TeraNova specializes in providing 360-degree telecom lifecycle management solutions for the self-service sector. TeraNova assesses the business environment, provides advice and guidance, and designs solutions custom-built to meet each client's specific objectives. TeraNova clients are empowered to increase their rate of ROI exponentially by capitalizing on rapid deployment strategies and by guaranteeing revenues and customer satisfaction with highly reliable communications solutions.

SOURCE Kiosk Information Systems

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