November 21, 2007

Kiosk Tradeshows - Stats from KioskCom Europe

Numbers from kiosk show in London/Europe released today. A little over 1300 attendees and primary interest was Retail Kiosks. Internet kiosks, ticketing kiosks and information kiosks rounded out the top four. By all accounts it was a very improved show over last year. Next up in Europe is ATEI in January...

Highlights from Announcement

“The show has exceeded our expectations on almost every level,
particularly in terms of the number of enquires we have received
and the type of people we have been speaking with. Most impressive
however, was the balance between UK and wider European leads”
Nick Jarman, General Manager, Custom Engineering

KioskCom Self Service Expo Europe 2007 ran for the second successful year on the 7th -
8th November 2007 at Olympia, London with 80 Exhibiting Companies, Free Seminars
and The SuperStar Deployment Feature highlighting the show. Once again the show
exceeded expectations on all levels and has well and truly established itself as the
Europe’s Premier Kiosk, Self Service and Interactive Digital Signage Event.

The show delivered a fantastic number of attendees in a buzzing and excited atmosphere and
below you can see just who these buyers were and what they were interested in:

Once again the event has exceeded expectations, delivering even more attendees than the
hugely successful launch event last year:


• 1,303* Attendees in 2007 - up from 1,033 in 2006

“For anyone looking to enter the European market or indeed expand, like ourselves, KioskCom
Europe offers a unique opportunity and we would not hesitate in recommending it.”
Bob Ventresca, Vice President of Marketing, NetKey


With a marketing campaign that extends not only across Europe, but across the entire world,
it is no surprise that the show delivers a truly international audience:

• 33% increase in International Attendees
• 40% increase in number of countries attending
• 24% increase in Attendees from Europe

“In comparison to last year there are far more European visitors and as a result the opportunities the
show presents have grown.”
Dermot Butler, Key Technology

* Attendance figures are subject to ABC Audit. Our figures are independently audited by the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) which is the primary internationally recognised Exhibition and Magazine auditing company. Audited figures are the only sure way of knowing that you are getting what you pay for and all legitimate Exhibitions Organisers audit their attendance figures.

“We’ve been to 3 KioskCom’s this year, and this is by far the best of the bunch”
Penelope Sisk, St. Clair Interactive

• 12% increase in “Director Level and Above” Job Titles
• 23% increase in attendees who make the Final Decision
• 35% increase in attendees who Specify


Retail Still remains over twice as many attendees than any other End User Sector

Top 5 End User Sectors were:
• Retail
• Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
• Business Services
• Hotels, Hospitality & Catering
• Government/Local Authority

In this years’ Marketing Campaign we aimed to increase attendance from Hotels, Hospitality
and Catering, Local & Central Government and the Banking & Finance sectors and this is
what we achieved:

• Hotels, Hospitality & Catering increase by 150%
• Government & Local Authority increase by 50%
• Banking, Finance & Insurance increased by 19%

“This year’s show was a huge improvement on last year for us, in fact I’d even go as far as to say it
has been our best exhibition ever. We’ve had two thoroughly enjoyable days and some amazing


• 80% increase in Retailers with more than 100 Outlets Across Europe
• 39% increase in Companies with over 1,000 Employees
• 13% increase in SME


• Retail Kiosks 566
• Internet Kiosks 327
• Ticketing Kiosks 320
• Information Kiosks 315
• Self Service Checkouts 309
• Advertising Kiosks 259
• Download Kiosks 228
• Digital Signage 225
• Mobile Phone Kiosks 219
• Internet Kiosks 203
• Photo Kiosks 196
• Transactional Kiosks 176
• Hotel Check-in/out Kiosks 173
• Entertainment/Gaming 167
• Restaurant Ordering/payment Kiosks 166
• ATM/Cash Handling 164
• Unattended Payment Terminals 153
• Airport Check-in Kiosks 150
• Banking/Financial 147
• HR Kiosks 115

“We have been very pleased with the breadth of the customers that have come to the show
and feel that it accurately reflects the current state of the industry.”
Chandra Patni, MD, YesPay


• Touchscreens
• Complete Kiosk hardware providers
• Payment
• Input devices/Keyboards
• Printers
• Bar code scanning/RFID
• Software/Content
• Management/Maintenance/Remote Monitoring
• Connectivity/Networking
• Embedded systems/Panel PC's

We are already putting in place plans to make KioskCom Self Service Expo Europe 2008 even bigger and better
so contact Phil Hunter on +44 (0) 1252 727 774 or [email protected] to get involved.

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