February 02, 2008

Digital Signage - KIOSK offers solutions

digital_signage.jpgDigital signage is getting a lot of airtime at buzz portals. Several of the tradeshows have added a digital signage wing to try and capitalize as well. As long as they don't use the phrase "Interactive digital signage" we see great potential (albeit unproven ROI-wise so far) for digital signage to complement transactional terminals. Many of the transaction kiosk terminals that people like KIOSK deploy have large overhead and side LCD displays that are purely for signage. Signage which ultimately is designed to drive transactions (which is where most money is made and everyone likes to make money at some point...). Worth noting that KIOSK has now split out separate resource page for digital signage and these providers are very skilled in hybrid signage and transaction solutions (SATS).

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Digital Signage


Digital signage communicates many different applications and technologies to many different people. Bottomline, digital signage refers to electronically controlled displays, screens and signs that can be updated without the cost and expense of changing the physical sign itself. Changes can be made quickly and cost effectively, and targeted messages can be distributed to hundreds or thousands of displays at once.


Digital signage in the broad sense has been in use for decades in the past in the form of LED ticker signs and LED video walls. However, it has yet to become a major public medium, mainly due to the following factors:

* Uncertain ROI – the costs of deploying digital signage can be high. Not only are large outdoor screens expensive - for example, the LED sign in front of the Las Vegas Wynn Resort cost $15 million - but the much more common, and much cheaper, digital signs based on LCD and plasma screens can still represent a significant investment when a large network is planned: the cost of installing one screen in, say, each restaurant in a large fast-food chain could run to millions of dollars.

* Unproven advertising effectiveness – like the Internet in the early 1990s, the digital signage medium has not yet been widely accepted as an effective advertising medium when compared with traditional means (TV, radio, flyers, etc.).

* Lack of proven technology – much of the technology used today originated in consumer-grade personal computer and DVD technology, which has not been designed to stand up to 24x7x365 usage demanded by professional digital signage. Often under stress these systems can break, resulting in damage to brand image and liability disputes between advertisers and network operators.

* Multi-channel -- does it add and complement your existing customer strategy.

KIOSK Information Systems has built digital signage for many customers. With our experience in unattended 24x7 day after day operation we are able to provide best-in-class solutions. Contact KIOSK to discuss how Digital Signage can benefit your company.

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