March 04, 2008

Software snafu delays United's Leap Day check-ins

Leap Year causes United Airlines check-in kiosks to go down. Officials say it was a software issue. Who does the software for UA kiosks anyway. I've been meaning to learn that...

Software snafu delays United's Leap Day check-ins -

CHICAGO (AP) — Passengers using United Airlines' "Easy Check-In" found it anything but that on Leap Day when the automated system crashed, resulting in longer lines.

The nation's No. 2 carrier blames the service interruption on software issues related to the leap year.

Spokeswoman Megan McCarthy says customers were still able to check in online and with customer service agents but not at Easy Check-In kiosks for several hours. She says the units are now back in service.

McCarthy says no flights were delayed and the Chicago-based airline apologizes to customers for any inconvenience.

She says United didn't have any such problems with the software on Leap Day four years ago.

Posted by staff at March 4, 2008 04:09 PM