March 18, 2008

DIMA Photo Kiosk Shootout Results

DIMA Photo Kiosk Shoot-Out Results -- The super bowl of photo kiosks was held recently at the PMA show in Las Vegas and Storefront achieved a blowout victory winning 6 of 8 categories. - Article - Quarterly Kiosk Update Wins the Super Bowl of Kiosks with a Blowout Victory

To the folks at, the Super Bowl is over. They won and are now uncorking the champagne to douse each another.
The equivalent of the Super Bowl in the kiosk business is the DIMA Photo Kiosk Shoot-Out, which was held in Las Vegas the day before PMA opened. Unlike the face-off in Arizona, where one team plays only one other team in one game, DIMA's Super Bowl pits 28 kiosks in eight separate competitions. won six of the eight competitions, the most one-sided blowout since the Shoot-Out five years ago. Kodak was a winner of one category, and Whitech the other.

The competition is broken down into four separate categories: Digital Order Station; Instant Print Kiosk; Software Only; and Multi-Function Photo Kiosk. Each category is judged by two different panels: a group of three industry experts and a consumer panel of local residents. In total: eight competitions.

Kodak took the Expert's Choice honors with its new G4x Print Station in the Multi-Function Photo Kiosk category as selected by the expert panel. Whitech was the winner in the Digital Order Station group, with its PT2600 taking the People's Choice honors. swept the other six, three from the experts and three more from the consumer panel. Its IT-2000 kiosk won two of the awards.

The expert panel consisted of FRANCIE MENDELSOHN, Summit Research Associates; ROBERT PORTER, Euro Kiosks Network; and LAWRENCE DVORCHIK, KioskCom (JD Events). CHAD MUNCE, PMA executive, digital imaging markets, coordinated the Shoot-Out competition for DIMA.

Asked for his reaction when he first heard about the six awards, TOM CEH, senior VP, Sales and Marketing for, said he used exclamations not suitable for printing in a family publication. Then: "We were ecstatic, totally flabbergasted. The word 'wow' is definitely in play." In describing his firm that flies somewhat below the radar, Tom said, "People are beginning to see as a leader in the kiosk space."
Among the firm's customers are Kroger, Duane Reade, Fred Meyer, and King Soopers.

MURRAY MACDONALD is president and BOB RICCI is CEO of To them, Super Bowl Sunday's game was only an incidental event.
-Jerry Lansky

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