April 08, 2008

Product information - Epson kiosk printers

Product information for the Epson EUT-400 kiosk printers. Highly recommended for robust self-service application these printers handle 58mm to 114mm. Worth noting that in the retail space these printers support the latest javapos implementation.

Epson’s Kiosk Series printers print on a wide range of thermal paper stocks, and offer the fastest, most versatile printer and presenter systems for outdoor and indoor kiosks. If you’re looking for the best in thermal printing presentation, ease of installation and service—at a great price—look no further than the Epson Kiosk Series printers.

Best in class components
• Fast printing speeds up to 6 ips (inches per second)
• Designed to print and cut paper 58–114mm wide, 2.2–7.2mm thick
• The EU-T500 series offer the reverse friction-feed retractor for confidential receipts
• Upgradeable firmware and interface options
• Rugged enough for both indoor and outdoor environments
• Wide range of cost-effective service options

Posted by staff at April 8, 2008 01:48 PM