April 10, 2008

Application Resource - Digital Signage

Application profile for four winds interactive. Four Winds does digital signage such as non-interactive and interactive large LCD (touchscreen or none). Recommended.

Four Winds Interactive (FWI)offers a full-service Interactive Digital Signage (iDS) software platform that turns digital signs into a flexible, reliable, easy to use digital signage network. FWI transforms standard LCD and Plasma displays into an enterprise wide digital signage network, and blends rich multi-media, web, and live data content types to create visually stimulating, dynamic, and compelling digital signs. Designed with our customers in mind, iDS is a complete solution empowering customers to manage the complete workflow of a digital display network including design, scheduling, deployment, playback, reporting, and system monitoring.

  • Quick Implementation – end users quickly grow proficient with intuitive Windows-based tools for assembling, creating, scheduling and deploying content updates to a large network of displays.
  • Customizable – end users easily create, change, import and update original content in a variety of media formats such as MS PowerPoint, Flash, Video, RSS feeds, wmv, mpeg, mov, HTML, MP3, MP4.
  • Based on open standards – the platform is not tied to proprietary design tools or formats which eliminate vendor lock-in. Users can push content out to many devices, including plasma screens, LCD monitors, and a variety of kiosks.
  • Cost-effective – your company gets a straightforward and simple cost solution based on the number of channels. This enterprise class web-based content creation, delivery and management system reduces overhead for IT management.
  • Scalable – as digital media continues to break ground and the adoption of digital media increases, you can grow your network of digital signage displays organically at the right pace for your business.
  • Secure – security and multi-tiered access levels can be enabled for different users and groups. Media is securely transferred over LANs, WANs, DSL, and satellite networks. Unicast and multicast device authentication are also available.

Digital Signage Features with Four Winds Interactive

  • Flexible Content Items – Supports all industry content types. Choose from Flash, PowerPoint, Images, RSS feeds, HTML, MPEG, gif, jpg, video and more!
  • Database Integration – with your existing platform.
  • Uses your current infrastructure – No proprietary hardware.
  • Advanced scheduling – schedule ads, events, and news by date, time, week, or year.
  • Multi-user Administration – administer from anywhere.
  • Unlimited Screen Layouts – choose from a variety of layouts, or create your own. We can tailor the design to your corporate brand.
  • Creative Content Services – Our creative team is here for you. Whether it's building your digital signage ourselves or enabling your own changes with pre-built Flash ads or PowerPoint presentations, we can help you implement custom wayfinding, weather feeds, news, events, and more.

Contact Information:
sonny lastrella | four winds interactive
director of sales/channel development
(720) 259-4684 direct

Posted by staff at April 10, 2008 03:54 PM