April 12, 2008

Newsletter from KIOSK

Newsletter from KIOSK on new "stuff". Nice photos of new modular kiosk cafe for cybercafes as well as NEMA4 rated outdoor ticketing kiosk for Fujitsu. Digital signage and wayfinding 42" touchscreen project shown. Very nice three monitor EyeSite kiosk. For KioskCom there are a couple of entries including AT&T as deployer of the year.

KIOSK Newsletter with Photo's

Here is text version..

Self - Service KIOSK Information - April 2008
A quick preview of what's new at KIOSK…

New Milestones:

The KIOSK Team celebrated record-breaking 2007 year-end sales growth in December. Growth milestones in sales revenues, new customer wins, and market share increases combined for our best year ever and a very healthy entry point in 08'. Thank-you to all our customers for a great 2007, and for the strongest 2008 first quarter bookings in KIOSK's 15-year history!
KioskCom Vegas - Platinum Sponsor - Booth #214 - April 16th & 17th

KIOSK is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor for The KioskCom Self Service Expo and Digital Signage Show at Vegas' Mandalay Bay Convention Center. We're coming into 2008 with an outstanding complement of new hardware releases and successful customer deployments. We'll be fully staffed with our expert Sales, Engineering, Software and Product Development staff at the show. If you would like to book a private consultation at the show, please email [email protected]
New Kiosk Standard Models:

Since 2004, the Stubby Series has been an industry favorite. The 2008 series features 19-inch screens for an even more engaging self-service experience. The "Super Stubby" can be ordered as a countertop, pedestal, or wall-mount model. A full range of computing options provides very economic application platform choices. The series combines standard model savings with peak configuration and form factor flexibility - the ideal self-service solution mix!
New Modular Kiosk Café:

ZOOX Stations (KIOSK's subsidiary dedicated to the design and manufacturing of cutting edge Internet, business, entertainment, and gaming platforms) is introducing the NETZOOX Self-Serve Internet Café. Accelerated ROI is the cornerstone of the solution design, economically leveraging a single payment or production kiosk to serve multiple user stations. NETZOOX offers a full range of profitable turnkey application packages to help customers manage their busy lives on the road. Internet / Email, Casual Gaming, Office Services, and Laser Printing are all turnkey software solution options.

This modular and highly configurable hardware platform is also ideal for a number of vertical market applications in Education, HR, Retail, Government DMV, Corrections Institutes, and many others.

New Outdoor Model:

FUJITSU is introducing the U-Serv 150EX designed to increase customer service efficiency and convenience with outdoor self-service ticketing. With integrated environmental controls, this NEMA 4 rated kiosk can withstand the harshness of rain, high winds and extreme temperatures. The resilient touch screen display is designed for easy viewing under intense sunlight, resisting glare, dirt, and pollutants.

Integrated receipt printing and a multi-directional scanning device enable coupon redemption and other bar code promotions. Currently in their first volume production run, Fujitsu anticipates quick deployment with major entertainment companies looking to maximize their outdoor marketplace.

Fujitsu's U-Serv 150EX is a proud addition to KIOSK's expanding custom outdoor solution portfolio.
New Digital Signage:

With expanding Digital Signage market demand, we're pleased to introduce KIOSK I.D., an innovative 42" Interactive Digital Signage solution.

Advanced 3M MicroTouch DST touch screen technology provides a superior level of customer engagement and adds a valuable measurement element to digital advertising.

Anticipating further merging between traditional Digital Signage and transactional kiosks, KIOSK has integrated an insert credit card reader and receipt printing functionality as options to bridge advertising into on-the-spot sales transactions.

Application options are limited only by the imagination and can be deployed in venues from shopping malls and hotels, to transportation hubs and stadiums.

For years, KIOSK has featured dual screen kiosks that layer Digital Signage into traditional self-service transactional solutions. EyeSite™ Kiosk by SoloHealth, a 2008 Self Service Excellence Award Finalist, is among the best client examples KIOSK has seen of incorporating digital signage into an interactive application. Leveraging research and technology from Ciba Vision and EyeSite, SoloHealth has deployed the first self service vision health awareness kiosk designed to:

* Educate consumers on the importance of eye health
* Motivate them to book an eye exam with local eye doctors
* Grow the vision care market

The first company to incorporate three screens in their solution, SoloHealth features two screens for an interactive eye health-screening test. A third 19" Digital Signage screen draws consumers with informative video, attract loops, and in-store offers from participating vision care ad sponsors. It's a brilliant complement of features for accelerated ROI.
Advancing Deployments:

Additional customer deployments proudly featured in our booth and our KioskCom Self-Service Award Finalist line-up include:

* AT&T - Deployer of the Year Nominee
* Cabelas, The World's Foremost Outfitter - Best Retail Deployment Finalist
* Dave and Busters - Best Entertainment / Gaming Deployment Finalist, Best Overall Software Solution Finalist
* EyeSite Kiosk by SoloHealth - Best New Innovation in a Kiosk Deployment Finalist

KIOSK wishes each of our client nominees the best in the awards ceremony Wednesday evening, April 16th from 4:15 to 5:15 pm. All are outstanding examples of very profitable, best-in-class deployments.
Expanding International Footprint:

KIOSK's International presence is expanding monthly, with a number of new International customer wins, planned global deployments, and a growing list of authorized distributors. Under the leadership of KIOSK's International Sales Team, Dan Stewart and Karla Guarino, our list of International Distributors has more than tripled since 2007, and currently includes:

* Brazil - Ideas2Go
* Columbia - Xchange Agent, Inc.
* Dubai - Aptec, UAE
* Dubai - MXN
* Kuwait - KTS
* Monterrey, Mexico - NBVO
* Puerto Rico - Rafael Rosario & Associates
* UK - Kiosk Manufacturing, Ltd.
* Venezuela - Harps / Go2Pay

New distributors in Australia, Malaysia, and Nigeria are to be signed within the month. For international inquiries, please contact Dan Stewart, International Sales Director, [email protected]

New Sales Staff Members:

Abby Boes' East Coast Sales Team has expanded to include Eric Nebola as of late 2007. Eric moved into Sales after four years of Senior Engineering contributions to KIOSK. His technical expertise and second nature industry knowledge is a huge asset to the team. The East Coast region has had an exceptional run on Retail and Financial wins, coupled with exciting new prospects in Travel & Tourism.

Steve Jeziorski (L), West Coast Sales Representative, has been a key contributor to the success in the Western Region since 2006. Rick Freeman (R), a recent new graduate from UNC, is now supporting both Steve and Stacey Yeary with their expanding inside sales quoting demand and customer support requirements.

The Western Region is credited with expanding KIOSK's market share in Retail, Ticketing, Security, and Healthcare client growth.

Tim Stith (L) joined Patty McCann's Central Region Team in 2007, bringing strong technical and seasoned Sales Engineering talent to the team. New hire, Ben Shafer (R), was recently snatched up from Regis' Business College and is already making strong sales contributions to the region. KIOSK's Central Region talent continues to dominate in Photo, Gaming, Retail, Ticketing, and other key verticals.

RFP activity and new leads for Central (and all) regions continue to show strong growth and contribute to our optimistic industry outlook!

New Web Resources

We've added new content to our website! Learn about our new digital signage (and interactive signage) as well as learn about "thin client" options and going green-IT. Finally, be sure and configure an online quote with pricing via our WebQuote (even purchase online).

Links are:

* http://kioskindustry.org/apps/digital_signage.html
* http://kioskindustry.org/apps/thin_client.html
* http://kioskindustry.org/webquote

The vast majority of our team will be at the KioskCom Self-Service Expo - we'd welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific project needs! Booth #214 - front and center at the show entrance!

For more information visit http://www.kiosk.com, or call 303-466-5471.

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