April 28, 2008

PR - SurferQuest Provides Self Contained Internet Kiosk Software for Celebrity Resorts

Global Software Applications/SurferQuest has installed secure, self maintained and privacy protected internet kiosk center software into Celebrity Resorts' business centers. SurferQuest will allow the resort guests to have access to the desktop and applications such as Microsoft Office, Instant messangers and media players.

SurferQuest Provides Self Contained Internet Kiosk Software for Celebrity Resorts

State College, PA (PRWEB) April 26, 2008 -- Global Software Applications, an innovator in the self service hospitality industry, is proud to announce Celebrity Resorts' adoption of SurferQuest self contained kiosk software into their business centers. The software will enable them to offer a computer solution free of common public computer side affects such as left over content, viruses and objectionable content. SurferQuest protects the user privacy and maintains the computer to the extent that no IT staff needs to check, clean or update the systems.

"Celebrity Resorts is committed to providing guests using our business center kiosks a safe and reliable experience. SurferQuest software will help us to achieve this goal," said C. Craig Lewis, Chief Operating Officer at Celebrity Resorts.

SurferQuest is dedicated to each and every hotel and is very excited about this new opportunity with Celebrity Resorts.
Scott D. Zane, Sr. Director of Support Services/IMS at Celebrity Resorts, stated, "After the initial deployment of our business center kiosk, we discovered the software we had originally chosen was not providing us with the full desktop experience that our end users were demanding. Upon finding SurferQuest and testing its capabilities, it was clear to me that this was going to be our product of choice. Support for deployment has been phenomenal and user feedback has been great."

As a result of Celebrity Resorts' implementation of SurferQuest software into their business centers, their guests will now be able to access the computers and internet at their resorts with the guarantee that everything they do will be erased from the computers at the sessions end. This ensures that no credit card, personal or business information may be viewed by other guests. SurferQuest will also provide 24/7 live technical support to the users of the Celebrity Resorts' business center machines.

"We pride our selves in excellence of customer service and our flexibility toward our customers. Our goal is to offer easy to use dependable public computer solutions with the best interest of every guest in mind. We care about the protection of a guest's personal information and their satisfaction," said Ron Koning, VP of GSA/SurferQuest. "SurferQuest is dedicated to each and every hotel and is very excited about this new opportunity with Celebrity Resorts."

About Celebrity Resorts
Founded in 1974, Celebrity Resorts has developed and managed numerous successful vacation ownership and property management projects throughout the nation and in the Caribbean. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida the Celebrity Resorts brand encompasses more than 60 companies, has ac¬tive interests in over 30 states and services more than 80,000 families on an annual basis. For more information about Celebrity Resorts, please visit www.celebrityresorts.com">www.celebrityresorts.com or call 1-800-423-8604.

About SurferQuest
Since 2001, SurferQuest has placed self contained business center software and privacy protected public computers in over 750 hotel/resort locations world wide. SurferQuest's installed locations include many of America's 4 and 5 star and 5 diamond luxury properties. SurferQuest is proud to offer easy to use, in demand guest amenities for the hotel industry and others. SurferQuest's products range from self contained public computer software and pay-per-print solutions to way finding directional kiosks.

SurferQuest is determined to meet the demands of the self service industry with fresh, convenient, easy to use and dependable solutions. SurferQuest is pleased to offer the best customer service possible, with knowledgeable and friendly staff available 24/7.

"If there is a demand for a self service guest amenity, we will meet it; if there is already a solution out there, we will beat it." Ron Koning VP SurferQuest/GSA


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