May 08, 2008

Kiosk Information Systems appoints MxN Middle East FZ-LLC as distributor for Middle East and Africa

MxN Middle East FZ-LLC, a Dubai based Digital Signage and Digital Media company, has be appointed as distributor by Kiosk Information Systems(KIOSK).

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MxN is please to add the Self Service Kiosk products of KIOSK to the impressive list of products it distributes for the Digital Signage and Digital Media industry.

KIOSK manufactures information Kiosk solutions with functions like touch screens, ticket printers, card readers, card dispensing solutions, bill payment, money accepting, money dispensing, order entry, photo kiosk solutions, music download, public internet access terminals, gaming kiosks as well as biometric solutions like fingerprint readers.

‘In today's Digital world, solutions like the ones MxN provides will increasingly become the norm. MxN provides a full turn key solution including the hardware, software, content and technical support.’ said Raad Raad, Managing Director of MxN.

Dan Stewart, Director of International Sales for KIOSK says; “I strongly support the fact that we are learning and growing together in a business where sharing our knowledge with the right partner is critical. Our partnership with MxN enables us not only to support our customers with a complete solution, but most importantly brings there attention to cost effective and world leading products with partners they can trust.”

Preliminary research indicates that the ‘out of home’ media industry is growing at a very fast rate. There are many underutilized opportunities for the integration of Digital Signage and Information kiosks. More and more customers are requesting overhead LCD screens to be integrated into their service kiosks to promote their products or to generate extra revenue. MxN has developed innovative solutions for integrating Digital Signage into Kiosk solutions. The main benefits of this are to leverage the kiosk placement and use an overhead screen for media sales or information distribution.

MxN is one of the only companies in the region to be able to provide a full turn key solution for its customers. MxN is a example of a company committed to maintaining its dominant leadership position in the area of Digital Media. ‘In choosing MxN, one of the determining factors was their ability to deliver on all aspects of a project from hardware, software and technology to content’ continued Stewart.

‘We are very excited about adding KIOSK as a product that MxN distributes. We are constantly looking for solutions and products that take our integration and installation abilities above those of our competitors. KIOSK is a very real example of a product that helps us achieve that goal’ say Raad Raad, Managing Director of MxN.

Posted by staff at May 8, 2008 11:31 AM