May 21, 2008

Photo Kiosk - news from the world of photo kiosks

New offerings and awards announced by both Lucidiom and by Xerox.

Xerox news from UK

Xerox targets retailers with Photo Kiosk product

Tim Sheahan,, 20 May 2008

Xerox has launched a kiosk device for personalised photographic applications, targeted at the retail market.

The product will target storefront locations, such as photo retailers and copy centres that sell personalised applications, including calendars, posters and photo albums, as well as litho printers making a foray into digital printing.

The machine has been designed to work with the full range of Xerox's production colour portfolio, which includes the DocuColor range up to its iGen 3 series.

Xerox has built the Photo Kiosk using software from Spanish company Imaxel.

Photo Kiosk is being pitched at customers wanting to create photographic products with a quick turnaround time by using 60-plus templates, which allow for the placement of images and messages.

The file is then turned into a PDF and sent to one the company's printers via its Freeflow workflow system.

Kevin O' Donnell, Xerox marketing manager colour products for UK & Ireland, said: "We've been looking for a photo product-based opportunity for a while. With 140m digital cameras sold worldwide in 2007, there is massive scope from retail outlets to universities, for the creation of personalised products such as calendars and albums."

The Xerox Photo Kiosk is available immediately, with prices starting at £5,000.

News from Lucidiom

Photo Experts Selects Lucidiom to Power Wholesale Lab
WEBWIRE – Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lucidiom APMs Loaded with EQ Pro Software Provide Complete Imaging Solution for Largest Private Wholesale Lab Facility in U.S.

Woodside, New York.- Photo Experts Inc., a leader in the photo developing industry since 1981 and the country’s largest wholesale facility, today announced it has selected Lucidiom Inc. as its digital imaging solutions provider.

Photo Experts will install more than 300 APM 2000 kiosks at remote dealer locations across New York with order fulfillment at their central wholesale lab facility in Woodside. The kiosks, or automated photo machines (APMs), will be fully loaded with Lucidiom EQ Pro software, providing thousands of photo printing, photo book, creative memory, gifting and CD/DVD options to the consumer and countless revenue opportunities for Photo Experts dealers.

"Photo Experts has been a print fulfillment industry leader since 1981 and as we expand our business into the digital market, we want more than a simple kiosk provider, we want a business partner, in the photofinishing industry" said Photo Experts Partner Jerry Pi. "We have chosen Lucidiom based on their outstanding reputation in the marketplace, their powerful software and robust product offerings, as well as their ability to meet our aggressive timetable for deployment"

"Whether it’s a photo book, folded card, bound calendar or even a standard print, Photo Experts will be able to offer that and more to their dealers now that Lucidiom is their digital imaging solutions provider" said Steve Giordano, Jr., Lucidiom president. "The return on investment for Photo Experts will be impressive based on data we’ve seen from other Lucidiom customers’ revenue growth in the creative market. Photo books and folded cards continue to top the growth charts for our customers. We look forward to Photo Experts’ success beyond the 4x6 print"

Posted by staff at May 21, 2008 11:49 AM