May 27, 2008

Technology - 256GB solid-state by end of 2008

ssd.jpgSamsung announced their plans to launch the 256GB solid-state disk by the end of the year. This move could revolutionize mobile technology from mp3 players to laptops breaking the capacity and physical size barrier.

Solid state disks (SSD) are revolutionarily because it addresses the many issues a hard disk drive (HDD) has with the magnetic spinning disk. HDD are less idea for mobile transport due to an arm which writes continuously on to the disk platter at high speeds. Thus you will not find these types of disks in portable devices such as mp3 players or hand held computers.

SSD have been used in small subnotebooks such as the Asus Eee 900 series model which comes with a 12 - 20GB SSD, or the MacBook Air which uses a 64GB SSD. However larger size SSD have not been that prevalent in the market place especially at the sizes Samsung is offering.

SSD also offer less mechanical failures HDD are prone to, as well as generate much less heat. Some HDD generate as much as 90°F which would be impractical for use in small electronic devices. Also there are no mechanical start and stop latency involved in SSD as well, improving the access time of reading and writing data overall.

According to PC World, Samsung who is also the largest manufacturer of flash memory chips in the world have announced their plans on mass producing these SSDs before the end of the year with two different models, sized: 9.5-millimeter high 2.5-inch drive, and a smaller form factor 1.8-inch drive as well.

These sizes are far smaller than the SSD drive developed by Super Talent which is 12.5-millimeters thick with a much slower read and write speeds. If Samsung keeps its promise of mass producing these SSD by the end of the year we could be looking at more robust subnotebooks, mp3 players and even smart phones very near in the future.

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Posted by staff at May 27, 2008 10:33 AM