July 18, 2008

Remote Monitoring Service for Point-of-Sale & Kiosks

Announcement by LogMein of new remote access tool for point-of-sale and kiosks. We've taken it for a test drive and seen it in action and it's impressive. LogMein has been around for many years (like gotomypc). Comes in several different feature sets (including personal no-cost version). Thef"Pro" version is $70/year subscription. Background on these folks is they came out of Citrix...Good stuff!

LogMeIn (News - Alert) has created a new product that is designed to provide tools for supporting Windows-based interactive kiosks and point-of-sale (POS) systems. This will preclude the need for companies to make arrangements for on-site support, as the system by LogMeIn is a remote support program.

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The advantage provided by the program is allowing the support staff or technicians the flexibility to monitor the systems remotely. They can do more than monitoring; connecting to and managing these devices from a distance is also feasible. It is possible to furnish necessary services and support functions, including but not restricted to features like, repairs, updates to the software and training data. In purely monetary terms, it is beneficial as the cost reduction is quite substantial considering there are less on-site support visits required.

“I believe this is absolutely the right solution for anyone responsible for maintaining remote systems,” said Harry Mitchell, account manager, Armagh Cashier Register. “Not only can we save on support costs, but our customers are happy because we can respond to and deal with issues in a fraction of the time it would take in person. This is a win-win for everyone.”

Purchasing the system in quantities will entail a number of advantages, the first being a discount on the total transaction. Additionally, the providers include a LogMeIn Embedded Device Starter Kit. This kit is designed as an amalgam as the previously successful LogMeIn Information Technology Reach program and a host of smaller tools. The other tools that make up the suite are LogMeIn Rescue, LogMeIn Backup, LogMeIn Ignition and LogMeIn Network Console. The Starter Kit also includes two hours of training.

“We already have customers using LogMeIn IT Reach to effectively support distributed POS systems. Now, system designers can include this capability at the outset and factor it in to how they deliver ongoing support and maintenance services to their customers,” said Andrew Burton, vice president, products, LogMeIn, Inc. “This is a natural extension of LogMeIn's base in providing what we believe to be one of best remote support services on the market.”

LogMeIn is a supplier of on-demand, remote-connectivity solutions to small and medium businesses, IT service providers and consumers.

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Posted by staff at July 18, 2008 07:43 AM