January 14, 2009

Photo Apps - Now the Virtual Mirror

IBM to show virtual mirror kiosk at NRF. Takes a photo of the person and then stitches in different makeup and coloring so you can see what you look like before you buy. Used in Israel now and set to come to the US. HP showed this last year at Kioskcom in Vegas & Seepoint has done similar with Neutrogena.

IBM Debuts "Virtual Mirror" Kiosks For Hair and Makeup Help
Fri, 01/09/2009 - 6:00am by geeksugar268 Views - 2 comments

Next week, IBM will be introducing their first ever "Virtual Mirror" kiosk at the National Retail Federation in NYC. What it does is take a digital photo (of the shopper) and scan in various makeup and hair coloring products that they may be interested in purchasing. Without having to actually try the makeup on you are guaranteed true colors and an accurate replica of your face. The EZ Face virtual mirror is already being used by Super-Pharm, one of the biggest drugstores in Israel, and will hit large US retailers sometime this year.

With virtual dressing rooms at a number of H&M stores and an Adidas shop in Paris utilizing virtual shopping mirrors, it's no surprise that this kind of technology is catching on. What do you think? Would you ever trust something like this to give you a precise makeup portrayal?

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