February 20, 2009

RocketLife Touch Announced At PMA -- For Kiosks, Photo Lounges & Touch Screen Computers

February 19, 2009, Folsom, CA –RocketLife LLC www.RocketLife.com, the inventors of ground-breaking award-winning new media technologies, announced today that it will be introducing “RocketLife Touch™” at the Photo Marketing Association Show (PMA), held March 3-5, 2009 in Las Vegas.

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Photo Merchandising with Ultra-Fast Photo Imports, Multi-Layered Themes,
Smart Arrangement Technology & 3D Digital Merchandising

February 19, 2009, Folsom, CA –RocketLife LLC www.RocketLife.com, the inventors of ground-breaking award-winning new media technologies, announced today that it will be introducing “RocketLife Touch™” at the Photo Marketing Association Show (PMA), held March 3-5, 2009 in Las Vegas. RocketLife Touch is an exciting new photo creation and merchandising product for the next-generation touch screen experience for kiosks at retail sites, photo lounge kiosks, and touch screen computers.

Utilizing RocketLife patent-pending technologies, such as ultra-fast import of hundreds of photos, multi-layered photo themes with new enhancements, Smart Arrangement Technology, and 3D Digital Merchandising, RocketLife Touch expands touch capabilities to a variety of new venues and environments for rich photo product creation, from stunning collage prints and posters to professional designed lay-flat photo books.

RocketLife Touch can be branded to the reseller partner and supports both localized and centralized fulfillment. RocketLife Touch is being launched and demonstrated at PMA 2009 running on HP’s Touchsmart™ PC, and supports many other kiosks and touch screen environments.

RocketLife Touch is unique in its ability to offer customers flexibility of product, design, and ordering. Current kiosks severely limit a customer’s creative choices, because their technology allows only rudimentary, flat, fixed template designs and little, if any, creative control. In far less time than it takes to create and order products with other solutions, RocketLife Touch allows customers to easily and instantly play with very sophisticated and beautiful photo and theme capabilities, including full and free positioning of all elements, image processing, multi-layer compositing, placeable graphics, advanced text and more.

Using a consumer’s natural desire to touch and move things, RocketLife Touch provides fast, intuitive touch capabilities which give the user more power to explore his or her creativity to make a professional photo book, designer mug, poster or any other personal photo product featuring dramatic enhancements, such as full placement and layering of photos, graphic objects and text, and even image processing and special effects. RocketLife Touch allows this for the first time in a kiosk, photo lounge, or home environment.

While other solutions provide rudimentary products in order to move customers in and out quickly, RocketLife Touch encourages customers to be more creative; yet RocketLife is able to do so in far less time. Testing in major retail environments show that customers create and purchase more products at higher dollars per minute with RocketLife Touch than with competitors. Customers preferred RocketLife Touch’s creative solution, because it lets them quickly create what they actually want instead of having to compromise their vision of the end-product.

Advanced Software Techniques
RocketLife Touch uses advanced software techniques (such as high-speed assembly language) to create the quickest, most responsive system, so that a customer’s experience is fast and fluid. This, combined with advanced themes, graphics, and compositing capabilities, gives RocketLife Touch its unique power and creativity.

RocketLife’s award winning Smart Arrangement Technology populates every product in just seconds, providing the consumer with a fun and exciting shopping experience. Consumers see their creations come alive with RocketLife’s powerful 3D Digital Merchandising fluidly showing the changes they make on each product in real-time.

RocketLife Touch’s interface is consistent throughout the RocketLife Touch product line. For example, if a customer uses a RocketLife Touch kiosk and then goes home and visits a RocketLife online store using their touch screen computer, the online version would act and respond to their touch just like the store kiosk did, making the interface’s learning curve an easy, one-time step.

RocketLife Touch Benefits for Customers:

* RocketLife Touch creates customized products exactly the way consumers want them, removing the belief that it is an impossible task to achieve with a touch screen or in a busy retail environment.
* RocketLife Touch is easy to learn because it utilizes our natural desire to touch and move things.
* RocketLife Touch becomes a personal experience through the interaction with the screen and instant results through the 3D Digital Merchandising of the products they create.
* One easy learning curve – kiosk and home interfaces are the same, making it easy to use.

RocketLife Touch is available immediately for photo kiosks and computer touch screens. For more information, see www.RocketLife.com.

Personalized Technology Designed for the Customer
RocketLife LLC is an outstanding showcase of teamwork; endowed with the spirit of imagination and decades of creative and programming expertise. With divisions in California and Florida renowned for marketing and technical innovation, RocketLife is the beneficiary of three decades of pioneering market-making technologies, giving people the ability to create and share stories with unparalleled quality and impact.

Between their divisions, teams, and outstanding and creative individuals, RocketLife has been at the cutting edge of media, messaging, and technology. Efforts in pioneering video and software technology have earned prestigious awards, including three primetime Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development. The team has invented and shipped over one hundred different products to well over a million customers. Their experience and creativity in personalized messaging has resulted in rewarding partnerships with top name companies.

To take RocketLife for a spin, visit www.RocketLife.com.

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