February 25, 2009

New Healthcare kiosks for patient check-in

New patient check-in healthcare kiosk available from KIOSK Information Systems. This healthcare technology helps streamline patient check-in, protects patient privacy, plus they improve revenue collection (co-payments and deductibles).

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Healthcare Kiosk Technology and Systems

The Patient Check-In Kiosk

Healthcare Kiosks

HealthAsyst and KIOSK have partnered together to bring you the Patient Check-in Kiosk.

The Patient Check-In Kiosk makes check-in process more convenient for patients by allowing them to identify themselves upon
arrival at the facility, view and confirm demographic and insurance information, electronically sign consent documents and make payments.
All information entered by the patient flows seamlessly to the Healthcare Organization’s (HCO) back-end system, helping reduce
administrative costs for the organization and minimizing the risk of error.

Healthcare Kiosk Features

  • Appointment check-in
  • Secure patient Identification
  • Real Time Demographics verification
  • Real Time Eligibility Check
  • Consent form viewing and e-signature
  • Outstanding Balance and Co-pay Collection
  • Alert Notification

  • Provide Directions

Healthcare Kiosk Management

  • View currently checked-in patients
  • Manage configuration and workflow
  • View kiosk usage statistics
  • Customizable user interface
  • Define rules based workflow

  • Integrated Multimedia Screensaver

Posted by staff at February 25, 2009 12:20 PM