February 26, 2009

KIOSK Information Systems and Mix & Burn release new MP3 music download service for kiosks

Louisville, CO – February 26, 2009 -- Music on the go is about to get even more rampant with the announcement of a recent contract between KIOSK Information Systems, Inc. (KIOSK) and Mix & Burn, LLC. The agreement affords new levels of self-service download functionality – specifically, KIOSK is now offering a full DRM-free content library with direct to device download on a self-payment / self-service kiosk.

Even the most demanding music buff can have a selection field day in the Digital f.y.e. Music Store, powered by mix&burn®. The kiosk’s track library features three million DRM-free MP3 tracks from all the major labels, including Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and EMI Music. Indie artist fans can select content from the largest Indie aggregators including IODA, The Orchard, and CD Baby. It’s the equivalent of a cow in a content cornfield, providing everything from mainstream radio hits to rare & hard to find songs.

Selections made off the kiosk can also be independently transacted on the kiosk – browsing, payment, and direct to device download are all menu driven functions created for consumers in an unattended environment. As transactions complete, the labels and their artists are simultaneously compensated for the use of their content. The MP3 downloads are compatible with the vast majority of iPod® products, USB/memory cards, and MP3 players. Music purchased plays immediately on the device, and transfers easily to add to a user’s home computer library.

Music is the latest feature to be added to KIOSK’s full line up of multifunction café capabilities. Through ZOOX Stations, a KIOSK subsidiary devoted to development and manufacturing of pay-for-use kiosk technology, a single kiosk café can now offer music download, photo printing, internet /email access, office software, and casual user gaming. KIOSK CEO Rick Malone stated, “Adding music download features ultimately enables any broadband-connected kiosk to attract more customers and location traffic by providing continuously refreshed content through digital music downloads. With the new direct to device MP3 format, consumers get instant purchase gratification – three words that go a long way toward feature adoption.”

About Kiosk Information Systems:
KIOSK is a world leader in design, manufacturing, service and support of standard and custom self-service terminals. KIOSK is the OEM manufacturer of self-service terminals for Wal-Mart, USPS, Sony Photo, CitiBank, US Transportation Security Administration, and many other Fortune 500 clients. KIOSK solutions can be found in virtually every self-service vertical market, and are among the most recognized deployments in the world. www.kiosk.com.

About Mix & Burn LLC
Since 2003, Mix & Burn LLC has helped retailers capture the demand of the digital entertainment consumer by operating digital music kiosks in brick-and-mortar retail stores. Mix & Burn LLC provides a content and software bundle, which enables retailers and kiosk operators to instantly offer a huge catalog of digital content in their stores. Mix & Burn LLC customers include chain stores such as f.y.e. and superstores such as Borders.

iPod® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Posted by staff at February 26, 2009 08:48 AM