March 09, 2009

Electronic kiosk creates customized insoles

Kiosks for shoes just never end. Not sure but it seems there is a new one every year. This time the eSoles system uses an air pillow that inflates around the foot allowing a precise 3D scan to be done. A week later you receive your perfectly dimensioned insole. Former teammate of Lance Armstrong.

Cycle Loft has system for custom sneaker inserts
By Donna Goodison | Monday, March 9, 2009 | | Business & Markets

Photo by Nancy Lane
Burlington’s Cycle Loft is now offering new 3-D scanning technology to help cyclists and other athletes improve their performance and comfort with customized insoles for their shoes.

The retailer is the first in the nation to offer eSoles’ 3D TruCapture Kiosk Scanning System. The interactive system digitally analyzes customers’ feet so they can buy semi-custom insoles immediately constructed in the store or order fully custom ones from the manufacturer.


The eSoles system was developed by Glen Hinshaw, a former teammate of cyclist Lance Armstrong, and podiatrist Bill Peterson. The self-service kiosk, which looks like a mini stair climber, includes a touch-screen computer monitor, a pressure mat, an air pillow that inflates around the foot, and a digital scanner and printer.

Using data from more than 50,000 foot scans and information about the customer’s planned use of the insoles, the kiosk spits out a ticket with data that allows the Cycle Loft to produce the eFit semi-custom insoles using modular insole base, arch unit and metatarsal pad components in stock. The fully customized ePro insoles can be ordered and received within a week.

“The reason why I was interested in the system was because during my career, as it were, in cycling, I was always looking for the best foot bed because I have some pretty strange feet,” Cycle Loft owner Jeff Palter said. “The more support inside the cycling shoe, the more comfortable they are and the better the pedaling motion, power transfer, etc. Every foot bed I used in the past was a disappointment.”

Palter learned about eSoles’ scanning technology at a 2007 cycling trade show in Las Vegas and has been using the Arizona company’s ePro insole since then.

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EPros are worn by several hundred professional athletes, including Arizona Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby, and over 20 Olympic athletes who competed in last summer’s games in Beijing, according to the company.

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