June 07, 2009

Press Release: EMN8 deploys with Arby's in Tulsa

San Diego, CA, - June 4, 2009 - EMN8 Inc., the leading developer of innovative consumer self-service order and payment systems for quick service restaurants, makes a meaty move in its partnership with the Tulsa-based Arby’s franchise, United States Beef Corporation (U.S. Beef), with the installation of the state-of-the-art kiosks in Tulsa’s Arby’s.

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EMN8’s solution brings an engaging interactive ordering experience to the consumer and seamlessly integrates with the operator’s point-of-sale system for real-time, high volume order processing.

“One of U.S. Beef’s key strategies is providing a superior customer experience. The EMN8 kiosk delivers on this strategy through an engaging customer self-service option. An additional technical aspect to our decision is a solution that fully integrates with our existing Radiant POS. EMN8’s experience, technology, and focus on integration ensured success in delivering an exceptional customer self-service experience.” said U.S. Beef’s Senior Director of Information Technology Jeff Turner.

EMN8 Vice President of Engineering and Systems Integration Abraham Panahi expands: “Thanks to a collaborative effort between U.S. Beef, Radiant Systems and EMN8, we delivered a fully integrated and secure solution that can enhance both customer service and operating margins.”

EMN8’s self-service product is a media-driven, personalized, interactive kiosk experience. It has a strong appeal in the QSR target market, and resonates with the media-oriented 18-34 year old consumer, as well as other guests who like the convenience, choice, speed of service and personalization.

About United States Beef Corporation
United States Beef Corporation is the largest Arby’s franchisee worldwide. Founded by Bob and Connie Davis in 1969, United States Beef Corporation has earned the reputation of striving to ensure a superior fast food dining experience by providing the highest quality food and friendly service in a clean and relaxed atmosphere. The company currently has over 260 Arby’s restaurants in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Illinois and Missouri.

About EMN8 Inc.
EMN8 is the leading developer of consumer self-service order and payment systems for the quick service restaurant and fast casual dining industries. Its products leverage innovative technology and designs, cash and payment card handling capabilities, integration with leading point-of-sale applications, and compatibility with industry leading kiosk and POS hardware. EMN8 systems have been deployed within major QSR brands including Arby’s, Burger King, Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, Jack in the Box and Wienerschnitzel.

Contact EMN8 – Madeline Pantalone, Vice President of Marketing at (858) 784-0800 or [email protected]

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