July 09, 2009

Clear Registered Traveler program data

By now we have heard about the Clear program run by Verified Identity shutting down. Question now is about the data and is it protected or erased? Writer on StorefrontBackTalk picks up on language from Lockheed on how the data at Verified is going to be handled.

Security Kiosk Company Vows To Wipe Personal Data. Or Not
Written by Fred J. Aun
July 8th, 2009

The company running an airport security kiosk program that folded in June effusively promised to completely erase all its customers’ personally-identifiable information from the units. As for the info kept on its main databases—which are apparently identical copies of that kiosk data—well, bring on the bids.

The kiosk program raises key issues about data protection and ownership when the data-using firm goes out of business or even just modifies its business. There is also the semantic issue of the privacy value of wiping data in two places if it also exists in a third.

Citing a financial problem, Verified Identity Pass shut-down its “Clear Lane” airport security-screening kiosks in June. The express screening kiosks were in about 20 U.S. airports and about a quarter-million people had paid as much as $199 per year to use them (and they won’t be getting refunds).

The devices used retina scans and fingerprints to verify the identities of plane passengers whose information was kept on a Verified Identity Pass database. In a statement announcing the kiosk closures, Verified Identity Pass went to great lengths to ensure its former customers that their highly-personal information, “including fingerprints, iris images, photos, names, addresses, credit card numbers and other personal information” would be completely erased from the kiosks and any PCs in use by company employees.

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