July 14, 2009

Ticketing - Peru Rapid Transit Goes Contactless

Affiliated Computer Services, a Dallas-based information technology company, has been chosen to provide the City of Lima, Peru with a contactless ticketing system for the country’s first bus rapid transit line. Under the terms of the $200 million contract, ACS will operate the system for a 14-year period.

ACS will supply and operate a fully integrated fleet management and ticketing solution to cover the needs of the first bus system installed in one of Lima’s busiest areas. The line is intended to carry over 700,000 passengers a day, and the city intends to build 10 other ticketing solutions, along similar lines, in the next few years.

The ticketing solution will be based on smart contactless cards that will be controlled at each station by gates and sold by automatic ticket vending machines and manned POS terminals. The 220 buses will be fully monitored and regulated, which is expected to significantly minimize wait times at each station.


Posted by staff at July 14, 2009 12:42 PM