July 24, 2009

Food Order Kiosk - LU Dining introduces kiosk order system

Cbord and Webfood kiosks installed at university for students. The kiosks take the orders and act like cashiers.

Liberty students are in for a treat when they arrive back on campus for the fall semester. Starting August 24, Liberty University Dining Services will offer meals at the touch of a screen.

LU Dining is introducing Webfood®, a web-based ordering service. Complete with touch screens, card readers and receipt printers, Webfood® kiosks take orders and act as cashiers, which will decrease lines for customers. Kiosk orders are transmitted to dining staff who can begin preparing the meals immediately. The system boasts that a full meal can be ordered in 10 seconds or less.

Kiosks are currently located at Sub Connection and The Hangar on main campus and at Founders Food Court on Campus North.

Students can also use the Webfood® system to view nutritional information, meal deals and favorite orders. LU Dining administrators can use it to edit menu items and prices and to track statistics and customer feedback.

Eventually, the kiosks will be integrated into an online ordering service. Students will be able to order and purchase meals from any computer with Internet access, then pick up their orders without having to wait in checkout lines.

The web-based kiosks are just one way LU Dining Services has enhanced the Liberty dining experience. In the past year, food options have been expanded at the Tilley Student Center and Founders Food Court on Campus North. On Main Campus, a Café a la Cart was added to the Circle and a second line was added to Sub Connection.

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Posted by staff at July 24, 2009 07:36 AM