October 07, 2009

Events - Talk on PCI, UPT and Kiosks

Talk on PCI, UPT and Kiosks at the next KioskCom New York in November. Kirk Nelson with Arcatech and Craig Keefner of KIOSK are the joint speakers.

PCI and UPT – What is the impact on the kiosk industry?

Payment data breaches are now more frequent and sever than ever before. Are your kiosks compliant with payment and cardholder data security? How do the issues facing unattended payment terminals (UPT) impact the kiosk industry? Failure to design, implement these crucial compliance issues my result in devastating fines, losses and penalties for those companies that do not follow. Attend this session and learn:

  • About the PCI standards and its impact on the kiosk industry, paying special attention to the impact of the UPT standards
  • How will PCI impact my hardware design? Software? Data storage?
  • Will my kiosk fall under UPT?
  • What are the key dates? Key requirements on each date?
  • How do the standards apply globally?
  • Best Practices moving forward

Craig Keefner, Channel Manager, KIOSK Information Systems
Kirk Nelson, Associate Vice President of OEM Solutions, ArcaTech Systems

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Posted by staff at October 7, 2009 01:43 PM