November 22, 2009

Low cost Low Maintenance Computing Devices for Kiosks

New technology from Ncomputing is low cost, energy smart U-series terminals. They connect via a USB port to a computer acting as terminal server (up to 9 at one time). Energy use is 2 watts and video performance is excellent. Small enough and built to even use the VESA mount on back of LCDs. For more on this technology see Also check out the new PC-over-IP technology Wyse is supporting from VMware (zero clients).

How about this quote from VMware -- "Together, Wyse and VMware are delivering the Wyse P20 with PCoIP protocol technology enabling the practical consolidation of all IT resources into a data center, eliminating the need for desktop workstations and PCs.

Posted by staff at November 22, 2009 11:08 AM