January 11, 2010

Hot Topic Implements NCR Netkey

Hot Topic release talks about 1500 kiosks & digital signs for listening to music, signing up loyalty program and checking their loyalty status. Release doesn't specify quantities of kiosks compared to digital signs. Digital signs play movie trailers and music videos that are associated with merchandise in store. Vendor here is "NCR Netkey".

Business Wire

Self-Service Kiosk and Digital Signage Applications Enhance Customer Choice, Help Retailer Drive Digital Strategy

DULUTH, Ga.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) today announced that Hot Topic, Inc. (NASDAQ: HOTT), a mall and Web-based specialty retailer of apparel and accessories, has implemented NCR Netkey self-service kiosk and digital signage applications. The NCR Netkey solution is a core part of the retailer's digital strategy, including in-store self-service kiosks, e-commerce and Hot Topic's new HT+1 customer loyalty program, which was launched in Nov. 2009.

Approximately 1,500 NCR Netkey self-service kiosks and digital signs are now in use in Hot Topic's retail stores. Hot Topic's customers can use the self-service kiosks to conveniently listen to music, sign up for their HT+1 loyalty program and also check their loyalty status. The next phase of the rollout, slated for early 2010, will allow guests to shop for items on hottopic.com and have them shipped to the store or to their residence. It will also allow for the download and purchase of music. Digital signs are prominently placed in the front of the stores, primarily focused on cross-promotional merchandising. For example, Hot Topic can play movie trailers or music videos that are associated with its licensed merchandise.

The NCR Netkey enterprise software platform uses a proven scalable architecture that enables fast and flexible development of applications for kiosk and digital signage-based solutions. Self-service applications such as Endless Aisle, Guided Selling, Human Resources and Gift Registry help businesses increase sales, enhance the customer experience and improve communications with both consumers and employees.

"Consumers want more convenience and more options in their shopping experience," said Dusty Lutz, general manager, NCR Netkey. "By delivering a fully integrated self-service platform that unifies point-of-sale, e-commerce and customer loyalty, retailers can establish new revenue channels, reduce sales lost due to out-of-stock inventory, build affinity for their brands and keep customers engaged."

Hot Topic Implements NCR Netkey

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