April 05, 2010

New Lobby Assistant to be shown at KioskCom

New digital lobby assistant will be shown at upcoming KioskCom in Vegas next week. Visit booth #204 and see showcase of new www.Lobstr.net building directory system, a new SMS Coupon kiosk program for retailers and recent kiosk projects and demos.

Digital Lobby Assistant picture

Unlike other directory solutions, Lobstr offers additional features designed to ensure adoption and maximize user effectiveness such as:

Publish Personnel Status: Let your visitors know your employee's immediate availability with an interactive in / out feature.

Visitors have the ability to announce their arrival via IM, SMS or email without revealing your staff’s confidential contact information.

An intuitive web-based management system allows staff to securely update the directory database in real time from any PC.

Easy to use ad-enabled templates create additional value allowing you to sell advertising space for relevant services for your tenants.

Lobstr has all of the significant digital directory functionality, but with unique features that allow your visitors and personnel to do more. Additionally, Lobstr offers a Web 2.0-friendly user interface giving visitors and office residents access to features such as: the ability to send inter-office messages, public-facing status updates, and real-time management.

Customize Your Digital Lobby Solution
Lobstr gives you the ability to customize your digital lobby solution package to suit the specific needs of your location and its tenants. Electronic Art can recommend alacarte add-ons such as integrated wayfinding maps, and inter-company communication widgets for companies seeking an all-in-one solution. Need even more? If we haven’t already thought of it, we can build it. Customize your Lobstr digital lobby assistant and set your facilities apart from your competition.

Posted by staff at April 5, 2010 09:47 AM