June 01, 2010

Buying from US or China Comparison

New comparison notes on benefits and dangers of buying from China.

US vs. China

Why is buying kiosks from Far Eastern suppliers (Korea, Taiwan or China) or local manufacturers in your area a somewhat risky adventure?

As you know, the pricing for kiosks from the Far East and some local suppliers tend to be less costly than those built in Europe or the USA. There are several reasons for this.

1. Given that costs of a kiosk solution are 80% components and 20% enclosure, there is only one true way of reducing pricing for a kiosk solution ………. focus on the components since they make up the majority of the cost.

2. While lower labor rates on kiosk assembly may contribute to some cost savings, they are really a very small part of the overall kiosk price structure. In focusing on components, one has to make a choice between better quality components that cost more or poorer quality components that cost less. There is no way around this conundrum. By offering pricing significantly lower than Western kiosk manufacturers (USA & Europe), it is clear that the Far Eastern manufacturers are offering poorer quality components.

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Posted by staff at June 1, 2010 12:10 PM