June 09, 2010

New Sitekiosk 7.5 Released by Provisio

New sitekiosk from Provisio includes some very significant improvements & features. New standalone remote monitoring client along with new digital signage options. The file sync (rsync) feature makes updates easy. WIndows-based.


* SiteRemote 3 – Remote Maintenance Made Perfect
* SiteRemote Client 1.0 – small, powerful, and extremely affordable
* SiteCaster (Alpha) – Digital Signage & DooH Media Software
* Kiosk Europe Expo 2010 in June – come see us in Essen

SiteRemote 3 was given a design overhaul and now offers even more new features.

See below for a complete list of all new features, or you can also refer to our Version History page.

New user interface

The user interface was redesigned completely and is now clearer and more intuitive.

SiteRemote 3 now boasts improved support of map views and virtual folders and is now fully available in English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian. SiteRemote now also keeps track of user activities (auditing) and Windows system messages.

Genuine Remote Desktop Feeling

It is now possible to establish a secure Remote Desktop connection to individual clients at any time. To assure that such secure connections can be made even in the most disadvantageous circumstances (firewall, subnetworks, etc.), SiteRemote can - fully automatically - establish a direct connection via Teredo or an indirect connection via Repeater.

When connected via a direct remote desktop connection, SiteRemote 3 will automatically display a maintenance dialog box on the clients which prevents users from interfering with the maintenance activity. SiteRemote 3 also allows you to exchange files directly between your local PC and the client.

File administration via synchronization

SiteRemote 3 now has a file manager option that lets you exchange data between clients and server. SiteRemote’s most attractive feature is that you can now automatically sync folders stored on the server across any number of clients. For instance, if you modify files in a folder stored on the server, these changes will be applied automatically on all selected clients.

The necessary data transfer is screaming fast and will not put any more stress on the server than needed thanks to the use of Peer2Peer technology.

If you want to benefit from all new features SiteRemote 3 has to offer, you need SiteKiosk version 7.5 or later or the new SiteRemote Client 1.0.

SiteRemote Client 1.0 is a new PROVISIO product and intended to serve as an affordable alternative to SiteKiosk if you only require remote maintenance functionality. Simply install SiteRemote Client on a Windows computer and start managing the machine conveniently from a remote location via www.siteremote.net (lease) or from your own SiteRemote server (purchase).

The strongest benefits of SiteRemote Client 1.0 at a glance:

No additional license fee for using the client software (lease)
> In contrast to SiteKiosk, the client software does not require any additional license fee per machine provided you use our SaaS (Software as a Service ) solution www.siteremote.net to manage your computers remotely. The only charges you will need to cover are the monthly or yearly SiteRemote leasing fees.

Server version for independent standalone application (purchase)
> Unlike our competitors, we offer you an optional server version for purchase. This version allows you to run your own server and remotely service your PCs independently of PROVISIO. This option only requires a one-time license fee.

SiteCaster (Alpha) – Digital Signage & DooH Media Software

Before the year 2010 is out, PROVISIO will offer its SiteCaster™ on the market for Digital Signage software. SiteCaster offers everything you have come to expect from modern DooH software. We will be presenting an alpha version of the software at Kiosk Europe Expo in Essen.

SiteRemote Client monitors your favorite application
> Do you have a (kiosk) application of your own and want to run it on a terminal? If requested, SiteRemote Client automatically monitors the vitals functions of your applications and transmits status messages to the SiteRemote server. If also lets you create extensive evaluations (reports) for this application.

Free trial version available shortly
> Before long, we will start offering a free trial version of SiteRemote Client 1.0 which you will be able to download from our website!

Kiosk Europe Expo 2010 in June – come see us in Essen

From June 15 through June 17, the Essen exhibition halls will host this year's Kiosk Expo bzw. Digital Signage Expo. As every year, PROVISIO is a gold sponsor of this event.

We would love to welcome you at our booth 4F.14.
> It would our pleasure to show you our latest developments and answer any questions you may have.


Posted by staff at June 9, 2010 03:00 PM