June 15, 2010

Transitions Interactive Kiosk from Frank Mayer

Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc. Reveals Educational Interactive Kiosk For Transitions Optical [picture included]

Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc. has completed the first round of interactive educational kiosks for Transitions Optical. Transitions Optical is the largest supplier of photochromic lenses in the world and is currently testing these units in select retail environments.

Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc. designed and produced the Transitions Optical interactive kiosk to educate consumers and store personnel regarding the variety of photochromic lens options available. This free-standing kiosk is unique as it incorporates a UV-LED light to simulate outdoor UV rays to allow consumers to experience how quickly Transitions lenses activate when exposed to the UV light.


The kiosk provides:

Consumer Education

  • Understanding the importance of regular eye exams
  • Experiencing the benefits of Transitions lenses in simulated lighting situations
  • Conducting a self-assessment to learn which lens is best for their lifestyle
  • Lens registration
  • Receiving in-store promotions

    Product Demonstration
    Each Transitions Optical display has 72 UV-LED light bulbs built into the unit. Activated via touchscreen, a demonstration card is placed under the bulbs and within 12 seconds consumers can remove the card and see how the lenses darken when exposed to UV light.

    Store Education
    Educational programs including various medical conditions and selling tips for eyecare lenses and frames are easily accessed by store personnel.

    About Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc.
    Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc. is a custom in-store merchandising, interactive kiosk and promotional marketing company. Founded in 1931, Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc.'s headquarters are located in the Milwaukee area with additional sales offices in the U.S.

    SOURCE: Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc.

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