June 15, 2010

CVS Self-Serve Kiosks

Nice picture from CVS showing self-checkout terminals. The devices are mostly mounted to the surface which we like to call the "warts and all" approach to unattended machine design. Topped off with the loose keyboard (positioned in front of the CC/PED device). Sure it was in in process of being serviced for some problem (does that make it even better?).

Just went to buy some Sharpies at CVS and saw a crowd gathered near the registers. Was it an early-morning irate customer? Possible elderly shoplifter? No! The answer was even better—self-serve kiosks. Sure, it’ll take months for people to figure it out, and some never will. But if given a choice, kiosk wins with me every time.


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Posted by staff at June 15, 2010 08:35 AM