June 18, 2010

Technology - 4G/3G USB Modem from Clear for PC or Mac

Dual band (EVDO and WiMAX) USB Modem available now from CLEAR. 6Mb/s where available.

WiMAX provider Clearwire has expanded its device offering with a few new modems today. This set of new modems will help PC and Apple users connect to Clear's 4G wireless broadband service. The Clearwire CLEAR 4G+ Mobile USB 4G/3G Modem works for both Mac and PC users enabling 4G connects at up to 6Mb/s where available. Clear 4G coverage only extends to a few select cities so far but is expanding. The 2" dongle is double jointed and can easily flex to fit any device or be out of the way.

Plans start at $40 per month, which is lower than most cellular carrier's add-on unlimited data plans. The surprising thing is that the S series adapter and a 4G+ is also able to connect to 3G networks when 4G isn't available. The devices can also be leased or bought outright with no long term contract. All this flexibility seems a little too good to be true. As you go in and out of range of 4G, the USB modem will switch over automatically to 3G. This is a great feature but we hear it's not quite instantaneous. They are available now at Clear's site if you are ready for 4G and are lucky enough to live in one of their select cities.

CLEAR 4G Mobile USB Modem is Cross-platform & Dual-band Friendly

Posted by staff at June 18, 2010 07:09 AM