June 22, 2010

Mike James and BeyondKiosks showcase Schweickart designs

BeyondKiosks.com is showcasing its exclusive collection of kiosks and digital sign enclosures, designed by the award-winning industrial designer Jer Schweickart. BeyondKiosks is brand of KioskGroup.

The BeyondKiosks.com line-up is a treasure of original designs and re-imagined classics. Think sweeping lines and inspired use of space built into strong steel enclosures.

BeyondKiosks.com is a subsidiary of Kiosk Group, Inc. and is based in Knoxville, Maryland. Kiosk Group president Mike James, a 30-year veteran of the multimedia and kiosk industry, commented on the new line-up: “Jer and our team spent over a year designing the line from the ground up, featuring design elements that clients look for, such as front opening enclosures, plenty of space for equipment integration, and spectacular designs. You’re going to find a wide range of styles, suitable for the local mall or The Four Seasons Hotel.”

Jer Schweickart developed the concept of kiosk and digital sign “families” which share common design styles. For example, the Exquisite Family includes a basic kiosk, a widescreen directory, a wall kiosk, plus an array of digital signs enclosures – all with the dramatic “picture frame” Exquisite look. There’s even an Exquisite iPad enclosure in development that will be offered for sale in Q3 2010.

Mr. Schweickart has won worldwide acclaim for his work in the kiosk and retail industries. He offered: “These days it’s pretty common to see interactive kiosk terminals deployed simultaneously with digital directories and digital signage. By creating Product Families that possess consistent visual DNA, Beyond Kiosks can provide their customers with products that clearly reinforce the client’s brand.”

The showcase can be seen at www.BeyondKiosks.com. More of Jer Schweickart’s work can be seen at www.jschweickart.com.

For more information, contact Mike James at 888-569-5467 x801 or [email protected]

Images available at: http://www.beyondkiosks.com/marketing/BK_Sample_Families.zip

About Beyond Kiosks:
Beyond Kiosks ships custom kiosks and digital signs globally.

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