July 15, 2010

iPad Kiosk - kiosks using iPad

iPad kiosk design enclosure announced by Beyond Kiosks. Smart move on their part.

iPad Kiosks | PadGadget

Since the iPad launched this April, we’ve seen several innovative ways companies have put the new device to use. A portable media tablet is a great Point of Sale (POS) tool and enterprises like Mercedes and Malaysia Airlines have already used the iPad as a sales tool.

Looking to capitalize on enterprise interest in the iPad, Beyond Kiosks just announced a kiosk enclosure specifically designed for the iPad. The enclosure has several key design features which caters to the iPad’s unique set of capabilities. The enclosure is designed to allow RF signals (WiFi, 3G cellular and Bluetooth) to pass through without interference and all buttons and jacks are hidden so users are unable to alter settings or exit running applications.

The enclosure uses a standard 100mm VESA mount so companies can easily attach the enclosure to existing kiosk systems or choose from a variety of free-standing, wall or countertop units available from Beyond Kiosks.

The enclosures will go on sale in Q3, 2010. Pricing has not yet been announced.

Posted by staff at July 15, 2010 07:43 AM