July 15, 2010

First Apple iPad Kiosks Set Up by Malaysia Airlines

If you are a frequent user of Asian carriers, traveling will be simpler and more convenient with the presence of new ticketing iPad kiosks. One of the major airlines in Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has released the iPad booths in order to attract more customers and to boost revenue.

Developed together with an airline IT supplier, SITA Lab, MAS recently launched MHkiosk iPad. The interactive application allows travelers to access a range of ticketing services via the revolutionary Apple iPad. SITA’s interface of MHmobile, a convenient MAS booking application for smart phones, has been adjusted for MHkiosk to run on iPad devices.

With a 7.9-inch wide touch screen, you can easily book a flight, choose your preferred seat, check flight arrival and departure schedules, find the status of your missing baggage, find out your flight status and enjoy a variety of exclusive offers provided by MHkiosk. Also, the kiosks provide both printed and electronic boarding passes and are equipped with passport and card readers.

The MHkiosk system uses direct payment by credit card and confirmation of purchase is sent via SMS and E-mail. In line with the motto “Simpler, Faster, and Greener,” the airline’s official MHkiosk website claims that paperless itineraries and no administrative fees will be good for the earth and for travelers’ pockets.

However, other aviation IT observers have shown some concern over the kiosks’ implementations, including the mini-size of the screen, and the safety of the device when run by children or people unfamiliar with the application.

Despite the anxiety, there is still huge interest in the kiosks’ launch.

Malaysia Airlines claimed to be the world's first airline to offer self-service iPad ticket kiosks in a new six-month trial. Earlier in June, an Australian airline Jetstar Airways also released plans to integrate the iPad with its in-flight entertainment system.

Epoch Times - First Apple iPad Kiosks Set Up by Malaysia Airlines

Posted by staff at July 15, 2010 07:46 AM