August 27, 2010

Paul Allen Sues Apple, Google, Others Over Patents

Paul Allen sues Apple, Google and more. A legacy of innovation seems headed towards the capital optimization pipe.


Mr. Allen's firm had sent letters to the defendants telling them it held "patents of interest" to the company and that his firm would like to talk to the defendants about them.

The suit, filed by Mr. Allen's Interval Licensing LLC, lists violations of four patents for technology that appear to be key components of the operations of the companies—and that of e-commerce and Internet search companies in general. The suit does not estimate a damage amount.

The technology behind one patent allows a site to offer suggestions to consumers for items related to what they're currently viewing, or related to online activities of others in the case of social networking sites.

A second, among other things, allow readers of a news story to quickly locate stories related to a particular subject. Two others enable ads, stock quotes, news updates or video images to flash on a computer screen, peripherally to a user's main activity.

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Posted by staff at August 27, 2010 01:43 PM