September 21, 2010

Pressure-sensitive kiosk security mat fights ID theft

Larco releases new USB pressure mats. Originally the "Larco mat" came with rs-232 interface.

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• 21 Sep 2010

Recognizing the vital need for increased protection against identity and information theft, Larco has introduced the hands-free and pressure-sensitive USB Kiosk Security Mat to protect critical data.

Tailgating events such as ‘shoulder surfing’ result in damaging consequences from stolen passwords, PINs, credentials, financial and other sensitive data.

Placed in front of the kiosk, pressure must be applied to the mat before system log-on is possible. When pressure is removed (or the user steps away), the mat automatically and instantaneously logs the user off the system. Utilizing a common plug-and-play connection with a standard USB cable, the mat can be quickly linked to the kiosk computer system and works seamlessly with existing security features.

The security mat is a preventative technology suited for transactional self-service kiosks at banks, financial centers, airport security, hospitals (patient check in/or visitation rooms), government and military offices, human resource stations, and retail stores (loyalty registry).

Larco is evaluating next generation kiosk mat technology as both a wireless and USB activation trigger for biometrics, RFID, robotic and remote camera imaging, digital signage, and inventory control.

KioWare kiosk software is configurable with retractable kiosk printers that work with the Larco Kiosk Security Mat. If printed documents are forgotten by the user, they are retracted back to an internal disposal box, thus maintaining the user’s privacy. Additionally, the application is reset, clearing all cookies, cache and user history immediately after the user steps away from the mat.

Larco’s product line includes door-activation mats and wall switches for the automatic door industry, heavy duty, safety presence sensing mats used for industrial machine safeguarding, and consumer privacy protection products in the security markets.

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