October 27, 2010

Phoenix Kiosk Delivers Interactive Kiosks to Georgia Technical College

Phoenix Kiosk has provided 10 networked Spiire kiosks to Albany (Ga.) Technical College to enhance its student services.

Phoenix Kiosk Delivers Interactive Kiosks to Georgia Technical College

Albany Technical College (ATC), located in Southwest Georgia, is placing 10 self-service Phoenix kiosks in various campus locations in order to enhance its student services.

The Tempe, Ariz., company’s kiosks are being placed in select common and administrative areas where students often perform tasks essential to their education and campus life. The kiosks make the lives of ATC students easier because they can use one conveniently located kiosks instead of having to visit numerous departments or buildings. All of the kiosks will be connected to the same network.

“The kiosks provide a substantial improvement for student services,” said Wendy Howell, ATC’s director of public relations and information. “Our students can now manage many of their activities simply by accessing a kiosk. The kiosks provide added efficiency, as well as cost savings.”

Phoenix Kiosk provided its Spiire models to ATC. According to the company, this model’s versatility makes it among its most popular. The Spiire can handle a number of peripherals such as printers, cash and coin accepters, and more. ATC students can now quickly perform a wide range of tasks and transactions at the kiosks.

ATC has named the kiosk network TiO (Titans Online) in honor of the mascot for the school’s basketball teams. The College is placing instructions, with screen shots and other visual aids, next to each unit. ATC also is holding student training sessions in several of its campus lab areas. The school is even marketing its kiosks with giveaways that include the TiO logo.

“The Albany Technical College project … provides some great, new opportunities for the students,” said Don Lineburg, VP of business and operations for Phoenix Kiosk.

According to Phoenix Kiosk, education is a market in which the kiosk industry is growing very rapidly. Schools ranging from pre-schools, to high schools, to universities and colleges are taking advantage of the many benefits that kiosks bring to campus, including such purposes as wayfinding, class registration, purchasing books, supplies or meal plans, etc.

Phoenix Kiosk Delivers Interactive Kiosks to Georgia Technical College

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