November 03, 2010

Whitech to release new Imagine kiosks software

New release of photo kiosk software named "Imagine" by Whitech include desktop suite. Smart phone support for iPhone, iPad and Android. Also new CloudNET formed by FUJIFILM.

Photo & Imaging News: Whitech to release new Imagine kiosks software

Whitech Software Solutions has released its next generation Photo.Teller kiosk software Imagine, which will be available to customers in time for Christmas.

“The all new Imagine Kiosk software is a quantum leap forward that will take retailers and the general photo channel to a whole new level of flexibility, integration and consumer ease of use,” said Whitech managing director Steve Delnawaz.

Delnawaz said the release is a direct result of development based on the Imagine web service offered through the majority of major retail chains across Australia.

"Whitech's previous version of Photo.Teller software has had a major impact and stronghold on the photo kiosk market for many years and is considered by many as an industry standard by which all others offerings are compared," he said.

The company claimed operators will an “unprecedented level of control and flexibility allowing for in-store and external printing/production through to being able to manage all promotional tools and marketing capabilities and general management across all Imagine Kiosks and the related Imagine applications suite with single web-based administration tool.”

"The all new Imagine kiosks will offer the highest level of user ease of use and far greater flexibility allowing consumers to start an order with Imagine Web at home and finish and pay at the retail Kiosk in-store or vice versa if they wish," Delnawaz said.

The Imagine kiosk software will be followed by the release of the Imagine Desktop Application for consumer use at home or office, as well as Imagine smart phone applications for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Related Link on FUJIFILM seeking solutions in CloudNET unit.

FUJIFILM Australia has launched a new business unit named CloudNET that will pursue the development and commercialisation of a broader range of industry relevant value-adding service capabilities.

“CloudNET will provide a range of solutions that will help customers grow and better manage their business capabilities and opportunities through the provision of digital asset management services, analogue to digital transition programs, bespoke application integration and a range of pay as you go Software-as-a-Service and online storage solutions,” he said.

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