November 05, 2010

Olea Kiosks intros Padlock enclosure for iPads

New uPad kiosk design to be shown in New York at CET World by Olea Kiosks of California. They've named ii the PadLock to gen spin on security angle. Olea is the second kiosk manufacturer to come out with specific iPad design. Nothing on the website and no pictures so in that sense still a virtual product. Other company is supposed to begin production next week?

Olea Kiosks intros Padlock enclosure for iPads |

Los Angeles-based Olea Kiosks Inc. announced it will unveil the Padlock, its latest enclosure to join its lineup of standard offerings, at the Olea booth during the upcoming Customer Engagement Technology World (CETW) tradeshow this Nov. 10 – 11 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.

The PadLock introduces retailers, hotels, restaurants and other businesses to a new potential use for the Apple iPad device, the company says. Many companies have already taken advantage of the iPad's business opportunities with applications like virtual catalogs and customer surveys. The PadLock affords businesses the ability to install the iPad in a public forum without the fear of theft and with the security of a tamper-resistant design. The added benefit of the PadLock, Olea says, is its design continuity with the iPad, which makes it recognizable to patrons.

The PadLock is constructed from sheet metal and aluminum, making it the most robust iPad enclosure on the market, according to Olea. The aluminum is CNC milled for accuracy and ensures a precise fit. The power and communication cable is routed through the body to prevent tampering, and the enclosure has extra security features like proprietary hardware with special tools, as well as tamper-resistant access points to the home and power buttons.

Olea Kiosks intros Padlock enclosure for iPads |

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