December 15, 2010

Outdoor Kiosks Going Green

LOUISVILLE, Colo., Dec. 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Bike sharing, recycling, and other eco-friendly applications are gaining in popularity and familiarity throughout the US. As the manufacturer of these nationwide deployments, KIOSK Information Systems has provided substantial design advances for clients committed to achieving the lowest possible footprint in their outdoor kiosk initiative.

Outdoor Kiosks Going Green - The Denver Post

This month, KIOSK is introducing an innovative fan cooling system that virtually eliminates the need for an internal air conditioning unit in an outdoor kiosk deployment. This proprietary fan system exchanges internal cabinet air with external ambient air at 15 times the rate of previous industry standards, consistently maintaining the specified operating temperature range ( KIOSK CTO Don Stark breaks down the environmental "so what" of the design improvement. "This alternate cooling technology reduces average power consumption a minimum of 54% - day in, day out for the expected seven-year machine life. Over time, this one change equates to cutting 3300+ KW hours of consumption per kiosk deployed. This eco-benefit compounded across a single customer's project deployment represents enough energy savings to power 900 homes for a year."
Stark adds, "The economic benefit to an outdoor deployer makes the fan conversion even more compelling. The combined savings associated with omitting the AC unit and using conventional PC technology (vs. solid state mil spec grade) is substantial. By eliminating additional high-end components, it cuts the front-end cost of the equipment 20% or more while reducing long-term operating costs and end-of-life recycling expenses tied to the AC unit."
KIOSK's new off-grid solar power systems, low energy consumption components, and efficient fan technologies are all proven self-service design elements that can be combined and leveraged across their entire client base, setting new industry standards in environmentally conscious self-service.
About KIOSK Information Systems:
Since 1993, KIOSK Information Systems (KIOSK) has led the industry in design and manufacturing of self-service kiosk terminals. An exceptionally broad portfolio of standard and custom KIOSK designs is deployed with Fortune 500 clients in virtually all self-service vertical markets. As the undisputed market leader in custom solutions, KIOSK provides proven expertise in design engineering, component integration, and quick-turn manufacturing for even the most sophisticated self-service solutions. ISO 9001:2008 certified processes in engineering, manufacturing, service, and support ensures every solution provides superior field reliability. Additional information about KIOSK Information systems can be found at, by calling 1-800-509-5471, or emailing [email protected]

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Outdoor Kiosks Going Green - The Denver Post

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